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We at Starting Point have explored your site. We really like it! In fact, we have scheduled National Political Index to appear as Starting Point's daily 'Hot Site.
Congratulations! Your guide has been accepted for inclusion in the Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides.
Your site has been nominated and awarded the WLYN Link of the Week Honorable Mention Award.
Congratulations! The CoolBoard met in Executive Session recently to consider your nomination. We are pleased to confirm that you are officially a member of Who's Cool In America.
It's easy to look at all the silliness and fun on the Web and wonder how it could ever be anything more than entertainment. Then you look at something like the National Political Index and realize it can be a lot more.
Congratulations! Your site has been chosen as a truly outstanding source of content,and thus is being featured on the latest "NBNSOFT Content Awards Page"
A new site (beta version) hot off the virtual presses wants to be a one-stop shop for interactive political information. A secondary goal of the National Political Index is to help political activists with tactics and logistics so they can compete with massive TV advertising which provides almost no high quality information to voters. Good luck!
Your Internet site has been reviewed and rated by The McKinley Group's online editorial team. We are delighted to designate your resource as a "3-Star" site. Our sincerest congratulations! Your site has excelled in our rigorous review process, in which we consider three primary factors: depth of content, ease of exploration, and Net appeal.