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Porsche Raffle Check Entry Form
Yes, I want to donate to help The National Political Index up-date and improve the services NPI offers and enter me to win a 1999 Porsche Carrera.
10,000 tickets/Porsche
Suggested donation $25
No purchase necessary.
Suggested donation: $25. You may donate up to $200; for each $25 you will be entered once.

We will create a one time bank draft (check) for the amount you authorize in this order. It will be just as if we had received a check from you in the mail. Make sure to enter this check number, payee and amount in your check register. VOID THE ACTUAL CHECK - DO NOT SEND IT TO US. You will receive the bank draft with your monthly account statement along with your other checks.

As an extra security feature, our Online Order System involves a two-step process. The first step involves completing this page, where you will enter your name, address, and only a portion of the information that appears on the face of your check. AT NO TIME will all your payment information be unsecure or available to an unintended person.

After you submit page one of our order form, you will be taken to page two, which is where you will provide the remaining information that appears on the face of your check.

As an alternative you may fax a copy of your check to: National Political Index Raffle, 916-368-0705.

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NPI will mail to you your donation receipt, your Raffle number (one for each $25 donation), and details of the drawing. You do not have to be present to win. For more information write NPI, Porsche Raffle, P.O. Box 276770, Sacramento, CA 95827-6770
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